If you’re not familiar with resin bound driveways, we’ll guide you through exactly what they are, and in our gallery show you how we have transformed many homes in Sussex with our expertise and attention to detail.

What are Resin Bound driveways and surfacing?

If you’re looking for a more distinctive, luxurious and aesthetically pleasing driveway then you may want to consider resin bound aggregates. The finishing process involved applying a 18mm layer of a high quality UV stable clear resin with correctly blended aggregates to give a range of attractive finishes that are both durable and structurally strong – 15mm layer for walkways and patios which is applied and levelled off by trowel. A raised brick, stone, concrete or steel edging is required to frame and contain the surface.

What qualities do resin bound driveways and surfacing have?

While the overall look of a resin bound driveway is a big consideration for many people, there are also a number of other reasons why this type of driveway is a good investment, including:

  • Low maintenance through reduced weed growth and having no loose stones
  • Available in many colours and textures (samples available on request)
  • Durability
  • Smooth, even surface
  • Flexibility through different design options
  • Adaptability - you can match your resin bound driveway to footpaths, patios etc.
  • Eco-friendly through the use of natural aggregates such as gravel
  • Porous / permeable surface
  • UV resistant so your driveway colour won’t fade in the sun

Why choose a resin bound driveway or surfacing?

As well as the various qualities mentioned above, a resin bound driveway can be great for your home if:

  • You’re thinking about selling your house and want to make it look more attractive
  • You want a nice smooth surface for you and your kids to walk on
  • You’ve just bought a new house and the driveway needs an overhaul
  • Your current driveway needs a lot of maintenance and you don’t want the hassle

Take a look at our gallery to see some example of driveways and surfacing recently completed in Sussex.


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